Sinaia is a holliday and touring climateric resort, for all ages, in all seasons.

Due to his placement in the Meridionali Carpathians, at the foot of Bucegi Mountains, is the ideal resort for the winter sports: ski, sledging, bobsledging on specially built slopes for tourists and contests. For mountain access and for ski slopes access, there are some modern cable cars.

The former residence of the royal family of Hohenzollern (1886 - 1947), SINAIA, was created at the same time with the building of the Peles Castle. Prestigious architects of the time designed and built the fancy villas of the romanian elite, from that period of time. These houses, along with the other monuments of the castles of Peles, Pelisor and Foisor, the Sinaia Monastery and the Casino, which are situated in parks full of flowers, gave the name of The Pearl of Carpathians to this locality.


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